Friday , 27 November 2015

Get the Blues: Pastel Blue Hairstyles You Have to Try

Hair color is so much more than just a usual blonde, brunette, red or black, there tons of eye-catching hair colors to choose from to expres ...

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The Best Way to Care for Hair Extensions

  Amoy Pitters, a New York City hairstylist who works regularly with celebrities like Joan Smalls and Alfre Woodard ...

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Growing Out A Fringe? Here’s How To Style It Out

Growing out a fringe can be a bit of a ball-ache. This simple braid spotted at New York fashion week should make the pro ...

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Amoy Pitters On Weaves, Extensions, and How To Be the Next Hair Superstar – theFashionSpot

Amoy Pitters is a giant in the hair industry. Her industry mentor was Odile Gilbert, and her fingers have shaped the loc ...

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