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20 Pretty Ideas of Peek a Boo Highlights for Any Hair Color

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Looking for a way to spice up your hair color while maintaining your hair’s healthy shine? Well then, peek a boo highlights are the answer to your prayers. By adding some color without the need of the previous all over bleach, this fun style updates your ‘do, causing no damage or split ends.

The Main Attraction of Peek a Boo Highlights

The color can be applied to the bangs, sides or the back sections, making the possibilities endless. You can choose any color you like, whether natural or unnatural, including pastel and neon hues, you’d never use as a solid hair color. With just a splash of color peeking out to say hello, you’ll be turning heads in no time!

#1: Burgundy Highlights for Blonde Hair

Heat things up with some wine red peek a boo highlights at the ends of your bottom layers. This look contrasts well with blonde hair, but the hue would also pair well with brown hair. Add in some light blonde tones (pictured here) for an even wilder look.

#2: Flamingo Pink Highlights in Brown Blonde Locks

Brown blonde is the most popular and widespread hair color now. But when every other girl has it, you want to personalize you look. Include a bright unnatural hue, like flamingo pink or any trendy color from color trend reports for the current (or coming) season.

#3: Chunky Electric Blue Highlights

Blue is the perfect color to add some edge to your hairdo. Try adding a few bright blue peekaboo highlights in order to achieve this unique look and bring out your inner mermaid!

#4: Purple Highlights for Layered Hair

Ready for a new you? Simply add some purple peek a boo highlights to the bottom layer of your hair, and you’ll be receiving compliments for your daring new look all day long. This look is the perfect way to show off your fun, choppy layers!

#5: Multi-Colored Highlights

Looking for some fresh new ideas for your hair? Look no further! Adding a mixture of different colored peekaboo highlights (black, blue and red pictured here) is the perfect way to outdo everyone in the hairstyle game. You go, girl!

#6: Braided Updo with Multi-Colored Highlights

Need a way to show off your new highlights? We suggest an intricate braided do like the one pictured here. Not only does it look gorgeous, it shows off the color of your highlights. Two birds, one great hairdo!

#7: Canary Yellow Highlights

This look is ideal for ladies with caramel-colored or light brown hair who are looking for a more exciting highlight experience. Add a few bright yellow highlights and you’ll be the boldest blonde at the party.

#8: Blonde Highlights for Redheads

Who really has more fun — blondes or redheads? With this look you don’t have to decide, because you can be both! Add some blonde peek-a-boo highlights to your sassy red hair and get the best of both worlds!

#9: Subtle Highlights for Brunettes

When the highlight placement is done right, peek a boo highlights can also be subtle. Just like the lovely lady in this photo did, you can add a peek of blonde to really make your curls pop! Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to your hair.

#10: Bold Highlights for Short Hair

This type of highlights even looks great on short hair! Keep your sassy short haircut on trend by adding a mix of colors. Talk about a boss look. Why be basic when you can be bold?

#11: Candy Floss Pink Highlights for Your Bangs

Add some pink peek a boo highlights to the front of your hair to frame your face and make your blue or grey eyes pop. What better way to be pretty in pink? Dare we say this look is bangin’?

#12: Peeking Lowlights for Fair Hair

If you’re looking for a way to add some sass to your fair hair, this is the right hair color idea for you. Add some literal darkness with a few lowlights throughout your layers. It’s a whole new, badass you!

#13: Strawberry Blonde Highlights to Set off Copper

Lighten up your copper red hair color with a streak of strawberry blonde. Show off your highlights by pulling the pieces of color back in a half updo, just like in this photo. Elegant, classy and stunning.

#14: Black Peek a Boo Lowlights

This look is stunning and suitable for ladies with dark red hair. The deep tones of your red hair pairs perfectly with a slick, shiny black color. Nobody will be messing with you rocking a mane like this! Watch out, world.

#15: Purple Highlights for Blondes

Feather in some purple peek a boo highlights to compliment your platinum blonde hair color. Thin highlights throughout your hair will create a fun look without being to in-your-face. It’s the perfect balance of day and night!

#16: Pink Highlights on Dark Hair

Incorporate some bright highlights on dark hair to create an eye-catching contrast. Use your favorite color in its saturated hue for a party on top, business on bottom look. Besides bright pink, electric blue and emerald green would work here just as fine. An updated version of a classic style!

#17: A Streak of Purple

Sometimes all you need is one patch of color to really spice things up. Purple is an appealing color for the job! Add some purple highlights in a concentrated area for this daring look.

#18: Subtle Purple Highlights

Want to add a splash of color while maintaining a tame look? Simply make your peekaboo highlights thin and subtle, and you can easily achieve this style. It’s the perfect amount of fun!

#19: Thin Black and Purple Highlights

Create this rock star look by adding some thin, black and purple highlights throughout your hair. A splash of color peeking out to say hello! Edgy, original and easy.

#20: Classy Golden Peek a Boo Highlights

Keep it classy with some warm, caramel peek a boo highlights on dark hair. This look is a smart way to mix things up and keep your brunette locks looking fresh. Who says blondes have to have all the fun?

Like we said, the possibilities with new highlights are endless. So what are you waiting for, go get started on discovering the new you! You’ll have everyone talking about your fun and flirty style. First stop: peek a boo highlights.

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20 Pretty Ideas of Peek a Boo Highlights for Any Hair Color Reviewed by on . Looking for a way to spice up your hair color while maintaining your hair’s healthy shine? Well then, peek a boo highlights are the answer to your prayers. By a Looking for a way to spice up your hair color while maintaining your hair’s healthy shine? Well then, peek a boo highlights are the answer to your prayers. By a Rating: 0

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