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20 Standout Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts

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Women with textured hair can sometimes feel that they have to forego super short styles because medium length hair will be unflattering to their curl pattern or too thick and unruly around the face. But, with the right cut and color tricks you can make your curls work for you. There are beautiful 20 examples of winning pixie haircuts for curly hair below.

Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts

With curly hair you may go for extra short sides and nape, an asymmetrical pixie or a pixie-bob. Choose according to your curl pattern and face shape. Here are the suggestions.

#1: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie for Oval Face

Don’t avoid bold volume just because you have full locks. As this style demonstrates, you can still rock a pompadour with confidence. Closely clipped or shaved sides are a great way to lighten up and cut down on the thickness.

#2: Curly Pixie Cut with Natural Curls

If you are gifted with tight ringlets, you should not avoid short hairstyles either. Embrace your texture with even curls that taper off just around the perimeter to keep you looking more posh and less like a poodle.

#3: Sultry Shaggy Layers

The key to sexy hair is that it looks soft and effortless, like you want to run your fingers through it. The layered curls hit the mark with the way they casually fall and frame the face–and when you are this gorgeous, you definitely want to show off your best assets.

#4: Platinum Blonde Pixie with Side Bang

Sometimes short cuts can seem too neat or polished for a woman who wants to be noticed. A cool-toned pixie cut should turn heads, and a long bang will add some mystery to your wavy pixie cut.

#5: Side-Swept Curls for Square Face

Square face shapes often appear strong due to sharp lines, especially around the forehead and jaw. Flowing curls are a great way to soften your face and add a bit of feminine flair to your snipped style.

#6: Curly Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

Here is another great example of how tapered sides can truly transform your look, especially for ladies with thick curls. The shorter sides streamline your style, which makes your hair seem less dense, lengthens your face and adds polish to your wild spirals.

#7: Classic Cut with a Red Twist

This super short style with layers throughout the middle is actually a pretty classic haircut style. On its own it would be a very sweet and sophisticated look, but when paired with a fiery red hair color, it goes straight into the unapologetic rock star territory.

#8: Pixie With Long Asymmetrical Bang

A little bit of texture goes a long way. While a cropped style with a long side bang is nothing new, this curly pixie hairstyle gives it a modern spin by incorporating soft and sexy coils for natural movement that is very on trend.

#9: Wild Blonde Curls

If the popular singer of the band Lion Babe is any indication, it is the time when women start embracing the three B’s: big, bold and blonde. A tapered cut with long bangs is amplified with the addition of bouncy curls, featuring mega-volume. A worthy look for an aspiring pop star.

#10: Sassy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Not everyone can pull off super short bangs, but if you have the bombshell facial structure to make it work (perfectly arched brows, full lips and high cheekbones) they can actually add a welcome bit of whimsy to your overall appearance.

#11: Pixie With Bangs for Fine Hair

By giving your style texture, you can also make thin hair appear more full and bouncy. Simply curl your hair and brush it upwards for maximum volume, but avoid applying this method all over your head. Without slick or tapered sides this can go from head-turning to eye-rolling.

#12: Medium Length Cut with Sweeping Bangs

Similar to the style above, this brunette look creates texture by brushing your wavy pixie cut in different directions. This is a great option for women with thick hair who still crave a bit of volume.

#13: Medium Length Pixie With Curly Bangs

If you have a longer face and feel more comfortable with bangs, that does not mean you have to skip out on a pixie cut altogether. Medium length curls in the front allow you to have some length around your face without sacrificing the overall vibe of a short style.

#14: Choppy Golden Waves

A golden-hued style really warms and brightens your complexion, especially for women with yellow or red undertones. Choppy layers add the right amount of edge and sass to your curly pixie cut.

#15: Wavy Side Bang for Thick Hair

The super short cut on top with a flowing side bang is an interesting mix between a bob and a pixie. It’s a daring look for a woman with an adventurous spirit.

#16: Blonde Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Heart shaped faces are wider around the cheeks and more narrow towards the chin, so most people with this facial structure will want to highlight the slimmest part of the face. A deep side part and tousled bang that hits at the apples of the cheek fulfills this requirement effortlessly.

#17: Bombshell Blonde

A platinum blonde hue is the fastest way to transform your cut from drab to fab. Countless makeovers have turned women into overnight sensations simply by changing their hair color. If you want to channel your inner Gwen Stefani or Marilyn Monroe, you may want to give this look a try.

#18: Wild Tousled Waves

In case you want to put an edgy spin on your curly pixie hairstyle, simply add loads of texture. This lovely messy look is all the rage!

#19: Simple and Shiny Dark Curls

Espresso-colored curls are a perfect complement to full cheeks with strategic bronzer. A cropped cut can be daunting for some women with round faces, but with a few simple contour and highlight makeup tricks you can visually slim your face and show off your hairstyle with ease.

#20: Curly Pixie Haircut with Braided Effect

Braids are an instant way to add sweetness to any style, but just because your hair is short that does not mean you have to skip the look altogether. Mimic a braid pattern by layering tightly spaced curls in a row. The result is a glowing, braid-like crown.

As you can see, curly pixie haircuts can work for a variety of face shapes and skin tones depending on how you style them. From wild curls to sleek waves, there is a worthy style for any woman. 


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20 Standout Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts Reviewed by on . Women with textured hair can sometimes feel that they have to forego super short styles because medium length hair will be unflattering to their curl pattern or Women with textured hair can sometimes feel that they have to forego super short styles because medium length hair will be unflattering to their curl pattern or Rating:
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