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20 TWA Hairstyles That Are Totally Fabulous

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When most think of natural hair, they typically think beautifully full, wild and robust afros. However, rocking an afro can also mean going the shorter route … very short. Enter TWA hairstyles (Teeny Weeny Afro if you’re going to get technical). These days these tight and curly ‘dos are all the rage.

Charming, Impressive, Funky Teeny Weeny Hairstyles

You can try any craziest color or come up with the most extraordinary texture – an extra short afro will withstand any bold experiment with dignity. Check out the 20 best inspirational images of women rocking short TWA hairstyles!

#1: Light and Bright

Short and sassy afros are great for those with a taste for adventure! Give your super-short ’fro a light and bright blonde hue and watch your style illuminate… starting from the top! Keeping your afro short and tight shows off your facial features and bone structure, so make sure to smile and let people see that beautiful face.

#2: Pink Ombré Curls

Why should cotton candy hair be reserved for those with long locks? Get in on the fun by trying short TWA hairstyles with pastel colors worked in. And don’t worry, you’re not stuck with just blondes and pinks. You can go through the whole rainbow spectrum!

#3: Twisted Blondie

Take those loose, free ringlets for a spin and tie them up all over your head. The result is a uniquely interesting look that’s still oh-so feminine and chic!

#4: Buzzed and Beautiful

Channel your inner Amber Rose with a shaved and chiseled afro. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can rock a nearly-bald look. And, don’t worry, your hair is still there! Keep the top a bit long and let that mane be known!

#5: All Tied Up

Need a few ideas on how to style TWA hairstyles? Try a fun head scarf. It’s a great way to add some color and life to your hairstyle, and we all know that accessorizing is always a good thing.

#6: The Off-Sides Afro

If you’re a daring gal with a need to REALLY change things up, it’s time to pick up that razor. Go for a shaved-down hairstyle with the hair longer up top. For added edge, dye the tips and go blonde for a bit!

#7: Curled and Carved

Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have fun with different shapes and shades. Colorful, asymmetrical hairdos are sometimes best. Try getting an interesting shaved design on your head and plan your style around it!

#8: Striped Short Hair

Striped, short TWA hairstyles are another great way to show your edgy side. Thick strips of color make your cropped hair truly pop and stand out in the crowd. Make sure and pick colors that contrast nicely!

#9: Fired-Up ‘Fro

Allow color and shape to come together in a beautiful way, giving your super-short waves an orangey-blonde ombré effect and shaving a bit off the sides. See if your style doesn’t heat up instantly!

#10: Crazy-Cool Razored Curls

Want to introduce even more edgy elements to your style? Get a clear path around your head for a uniquely cool look. For added “cool girl” points, give the top of your afro a little color! Whether it’s red, blue or green, your look will be far from boring.

#11: Ravishing in Red

Time to channel your inner scarlet lady with a vibrant, sassy hairstyle! Sometimes TWA hairstyles need some freshening, and nothing does that quite like a bright hue. No matter how you style your ‘do, your curls will make a statement wherever you go.

#12: Tiny Caramel Curls On Top

Go long up top and add some blonde to your ringlets while you’re at it! Keep the sides of your hair short and tight so the party stays solely on top! Don’t be afraid to go as long as you want with those curls! The funkier the better!

#13: Soft Blonde Afro

TWAs don’t need to be so teeny weeny! Let your curls grow out a bit if you want. Color them a buttery blonde and prepare to be amazed. The golden curls will frame your face perfectly and bring out your natural features!

#14: Icy Blonde Hair

Give your TWA hairstyle an icy edge by dying them a stark white blonde. It’s just as striking and chic as a honey or buttery shade. Heck, haven’t you always wondered if blondes have more fun?

#15: Funky Fade

Try a twist on the funky flat top by getting a shaven angle on the side to define a side part. Grow out the top nice and long and keep it cut in a flattened, squared-off shape. This adds dimension to naturally curly styles … not to mention it looks cool!

#16: Pretty and Paved

Curly TWAs can still be soft and feminine, even if you add a little razored edge. Not to mention, the upkeep is easy, and hair care routine is minimal. If you feel so inclined, you can even go run through a flower field!

#17: Nice, Natural Hair

Keep it simple by embracing totally natural TWA hairstyles! Embrace tight, uncolored and ultra-curled ringlets that hug the shape of your head and play off your natural features and bone structure.

#18: Trimmed Curls

When it comes to natural hairstyles, a buzzed afro is as simple as it gets. Requiring minimal styling and products, you can literally get up and go! Stay on top of your regular haircuts to keep the cut short and clean.

#19: Bronzed Afro

Lighten up your natural, dark curls by adding some honey or bronze hue as a base color or highlights. The result is a hairstyle packed with life and dimension, yet still natural-looking. For some added fun or femininity, throw on a thin, floral headband. Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean you can’t rock an accessory or even two!

#20: Chestnut Curls

Chestnut brown TWA hairstyles look fantastic. The greatest part? When it grows out, you’ll get a lovely, natural ombré effect that is very on-trend now! The sidewalk will become your runway!

Hopefully, these pictures gave you some inspiration! Now, what are you waiting for? The TWA hairstyles of your dreams are ready to be rocked! Time to call your hairdresser!

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20 TWA Hairstyles That Are Totally Fabulous Reviewed by on . When most think of natural hair, they typically think beautifully full, wild and robust afros. However, rocking an afro can also mean going the shorter route … When most think of natural hair, they typically think beautifully full, wild and robust afros. However, rocking an afro can also mean going the shorter route … Rating:
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