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6 Ways to Add Volume to Thin Natural Hair

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Contrary to popular belief, naturals are not all walking around with voluminous, thick hair. For some ladies the volume struggle is real. And this isn’t because their hair is unhealthy or ill-treated, they simply have naturally thin hair. It doesn’t matter how many super duper extra volumizing potions you apply to your head, if your hair is thin due to genetics there’s only so much you can do with gimmicky products. Fortunately not all hope is lost. There are several tricks you can implement to create the illusion of thick and voluminous hair:

1. The Blow Dryer

Natural Hair Blow Dryer

Not only does blasting your roots with the blow dryer stretch your hair, it also creates volume. This hack works well if you use a comb attachment on the blow dryer. The comb acts as a hair pick and lifts your roots while the air from the dryer fluffs them up. This method works best if you use a warm setting. Too hot and the blow dryer will make the hair straight, thus not solving your thin hair problem. Just take you’re blow dryer with the comb attachment and lift up your roots, just as you would with an afro pick.

2. Rollers

FullSizeRender (15)

You would think that a twist out would create volume for thin hair, but I often hear thin haired naturals complain that their twist outs look like limp noodle hair. However, roller sets and flexi rod sets create the volume that’s needed by eliminating scalp space. If you’d rather have the twist out look, you can set your hair with rollers in addition to twisting. The curls will give your hair body and volume. This twist and curl by NapturalElenore is the bomb!

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