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Is the New Instyler Max Better Than a Flat Iron?

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I have a confession – I really don’t like straightening my natural hair. While I enjoy the look and flipping my hair around, it’s too much stress for me. The total process takes around four hours, and almost every time I take the plunge, it rains the next day. It’s like the humidity gods won’t let me be great. But when I was asked to review the new Instyler Max, I jumped at the chance. I had always wanted to try the Instyler, but questioned whether it would work on my thick, fairly coarse hair. I didn’t even have success with flat ironing until I discovered comb chasing, which is effective but very tedious (in my opinion).

When my Instyler Max arrived, I was so excited that I tested it out on my curly hair, and was pleasantly surprised that the pieces got pretty straight! I shared a quick test video and the difference between  my curly kinks and my “instyled” hair were clear. Maybe we had a winner?

Fast forward to two weeks later and I finally (sorta) wanted to straighten my hair. I cleansed and deep conditioned, then blew my hair out using Phytokeratin Thermal Protectant Spray. When it was time to use the Instyler Max, I put the thermal guard on, made sure the iron was rotating in the correct direction (the iron needs to go with your hair, not against it, to be effective and this one switches directions), and got to work.

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