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The $25 Tatiana Wig is Becoming a Favorite for Naturals

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Everybody remembers the era of the famous curly Vanessa La Jay wig in the natural world. Now it’s all about the Sensationnel Tatiana wig. What makes this wig so special is that it mimics 4C hair perfectly and gives you the illusion of the on trend crochet braids look for $25. Yes, that means no taking up hours to braid your hair and latch on 3-4 bags of marley hair. It’s all done for you. You can style the wig just the same as you would marley hair.

The wig has gotten so popular that many hair sites are selling out! Take a look at why all the natural vloggers are coveting this new piece and the versatility they get out of this unit.

Rock it to one side

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